Exploring the World of American Electric Power

AEP wanted to take a quantum leap forward in their lobby space.

Working closely with wonderful teams at The History Factory and Storycrafter, we designed a series of interpretive experiences that celebrate the breadth of history, human experiences and potential behind AEP.

Employees exploring the diverse plants across the Midwest, and Rocky Mountains from a single, dynamic interface.

Over the summer, the AEP team began testing "theater mode" which turns the massive screens into a single canvas designed to display interactive drone footage, aerials of different plants, and views from atop the towering windfarms.

Thousands of interactive moments flow through the 50-foot panels creating an unforgettable first impression for even the most seasoned employee.

The lobby quickly became the hub for all company tours, a rich PR backdrop, and the ideal place for executives to show off AEP's timeless values and cutting-edge future.

The design and storytelling system we delivered lets AEP easily update content to keep the space fresh and current.

Kiosks were strategically placed around the lobby, and designed to showcase specific themes designed to keep people exploring.

Stylized games kept the content interesting, and made complex aspects of energy consumption and delivery simple.

For over a century, AEP has been a steady supplier of revenue and energy — a terrific combo.