Identity Development

A brand is the story of a purpose.

Identities exist at the beginning of everything. They are how something is recognized and understood.

Sunny Valley International - Direct importer and distributor who works exceptionally hard to insure each piece of fruit and vegetable from around the world remains fresh.

Hewlett Packard - identity for their internal sales initiative program, F.R.E.S.C.O., which focuses on a new, more efficient and inclusive financial compensation program.

Entrambas Delicatesses - Venezuelan based catering company, offering eclectic cuisine combined with superb personalized service, and unique food presentation.

Clementines - Family owned pop-up market, specializing in high quality exotic and tropical fruits.

Alfamores - Premium, artisan bakery from Venezuela producing gourmet cookies, following a family recipe handed down from generations. The identity focuses on the word ‘amores’ which means ‘loves’ in Spanish.