Showing what color can still do for Revlon.

Revlon needed to change how women perceived their brand colors.

Our research found young women felt Revlon was their Mother's brand. We used this insight to highlight the fact Revlon's signature colors helped their Mother's celebrate their feminism, and draw attention to what made them unique—unlike today, most women use makeup to hide what they feel isn't perfect.

With Revlon Brand Ambassadors (Emma Stone, Halle Berry and Olivia Wilde) and their celebrity friends involved, we introduced women to a new way of motivating each other to try a new color or entirely new look over Facebook, across Twitter, on Instagram and YouTube. As a result, Revlon inspired a new, younger generation of women, helping them realize more about themselves, and think differently about what Revlon stands for.

At its peak, more than 20,000 women a month participated and shared this unique experience.

Pop-up shops invited women to try new looks.

New products were offered to encourage women to try a new look, and be the first to share the results.

Selfies took over Instagram, and inspired women from around the world to try something new.

Emma Stone seen wearing a new look at a popular event, encouraging women to join in.