Proving TD Bank is more human.

TD needed to remind people it was a leader in customer service.

While most banks say they're all about the customer, they lack believability, and a human touch.

The Webby winning campaign "Bank Human Again" was developed to tell the story of why TD began, and how its entire ecosystem is designed around the customer. We traveled from Maine to Florida filming customer stories, proving how each TD location is built from the neighborhood out—by staying open a bit later, or how it goes out of its way to support a local new business, to unbelievable stories of employees bending the rules that ended up literally changing someones life.

Working closely with Google, we pioneered inline video within Google Maps. Over 80 stores in NYC now display a video as part of the default location marker.

A new website became the hub for short films, customer stories, real-time moments and local exploration. It began with showing what TD stood for.

We created a series of short films and TV commericals to reveal the type of bank TD was not, and will never be.

We traveled the east coast, meeting all types of business customers who explained the kind of bank TD is, and how it's changed their business.

We tapped the social space to showcase content from happy customers, and proud employees.

We partnered with Google to integrate videos in Google Maps, allowing local branch managers to represent their diverse branches from the various neighborhoods of NYC.


Selected by the 2013 Webby Awards as an official honoree in the Financial Services & Insurance Category.

Read more about our unique use of local content and Google+ at AdAge:, and how the NY Times felt about the overall campaign: