Bringing the forest to NYC for TD Bank.

TD wanted to publicize their paperless initiative in NYC.

After initial research, we learned TD aimed to protect entire forest habitats, not just trees—something no other brand had claimed.

Knowing most New Yorker's rarely left the city, we brought the forest to them. Using TD's highly trafficked Union Square location, a life-size, virtual forest was created inside the bank window, turning it into an interactive habitat to showcase the environment TD is protecting everyday. And, a pair of vintage NYC viewfinders were customized with audio and video, and strategically placed around the city create a surprise virtual walk thru these same beautiful habitats.

In 30 days, over 75,000 people stopped, and spent almost 3 minutes with these experiences.

A brief film highlighting the creation and reactions of New Yorkers.

Two clusters of 8 LCD screens were seamlessly connected to create the life size habitat—a process we pioneered for this experience.

Live action footage of 7 different animals brought the reality to the experience.

We turned the entire window surface into a touch screen using custom hand-shaped transistors to invite new animals into the scene.

Some kids (and likely adults) had never seen a deer, bear, opossum, elk, or owl. This made the experience even more meaninful.

Vintage NYC viewfinders were customized to hold a tablet to display video, and high-end speakers to create an audio/visual walk through the forest TD is protecting everyday.

Each video explained what TD was doing, and why they were doing it using actual footage from the habitats TD is protecting.

A pair of viewfinders were placed near landmarks and unique vantage points where they seemed expected—yet delivered an unexpected, almost surreal experience.


We received an entry in the coveted GDR Creative Intelligence, Global Innovation Report, which showcases the most innovative experiences in the retail industry.

Made in collaboration with Savages, superior technical engineers, and digital producers based in NYC.