Changing the future of payments for the USPS.

The U.S. Postal Service needed a modern online payment experience for its business customers.

We quickly verified nearly all existing Postal systems were outdated, complex, or simply weren't usable on today's mobile devices.

We completely reimagined, and redesigned massive USPS systems, simplifying how they worked by introducing a new platform designed on Oracle Cloud with a custom integration with Wells Fargo bank.

Working closely with Oracle Engineers, we created a mobile first, future proof, responsive experience offering business customers an incredibly secure environment, an intelligent dashboard, customizable reports, and a simple way to navigate between their numerous Postal accounts on any device.

I led the strategy, concept, and design as part of the core Accenture Federal pitch team, helping retain this account, securing a multi-year, multi-million dollar relationship with the Postal Service.

Three simple steps to create an account.

Intelligent dashboard bringing what matters to the surface.

Real-time notifications, keeping everyone up-to-date.

Customizable reports, complete with infographics and sharing tools.

Phone experience, designed to display only what's necessary on a smaller screen.

Desktop experience, designed to take advantage of the added real-estate, not to add new things to distract from the task at hand.